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Pontoon Bimini Tops

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What is a Pontoon Bimini Top

If you've heard of a bimini top, then you can probably guess what a pontoon bimini top is… Well, it's an attachment that provides weather protection for your pontoon boat! Unlike super fast boats that have v-shaped hulls, pontoon boats sit flat on the water and provide the perfect space for people to gather. Your company will enjoy the day much more under the protection of a bimini top that's well-designed for rain or shine. If you ever decide that an open-top boat would be better, it's no problem, since the bimini can be mounted and dismounted at any time. Most pontoon bimini's measure 8 to 9 feet in length and the width may vary. Your bimini cover can be any color you'd like and will make your boat look like a relaxing place to be, that people will want to hang out!

Pontoon Bimini Top Benefits

The pontoon bimini top's benefits include all of the benefits of having a bimini top in general. This includes protection from the weather, convenience to mount and un-mount the top at any time, and the stylish addition of a color to your boat. Yet the bimini top is an essential for the pontoon boat because the top makes it more enjoyable to host guests. Considering that pontoons are flat spacious compared to other boats, they're very popular for hosting gatherings of friends and family. With that being said, everyone is sure to have more fun, under the comfortable shade of the bimini! Fishing also tends to be more relaxing on the pontoon, but a bimini top is a must-have for long-lasting fun.

Bimini Top Mounting

You'll want to carefully consider the size of your bimini top before going ahead and making a purchase. While most boats require a 6' long bimini top to cover the length of the boat, the perfect length can be a off by a couple of feet give-or-take. For example, pontoon boats require at least 8' long tops, in general.

Mounting points for bimini tops are used to determine where the shade will fall. These adjacent points, Port to Starboard, determine the bimini's center of shade. For example, a bimini top that is 6' in length will provide 3' of shade on either side of the mounting points. The width of the bimini will simply be the measurement between the two mounting points.

Also, take note that the bimini will remain hinged to the mounting points, even when collapsed! So, you'll want to consider that the bimini should collapse onto an unused portion of the boat. To determine where the bimini would fall, you would need to know the height of your frame. The height distance could be measured from the mounting point to determine the where collapsed bimini would fall.

When it comes to height, you'll also want to think about, how much head space you would need. If you plan to stand a lot, you could measure the height of your bimini from the base of the mounting points to just over your head. One thing to be mindful of is that most people spend a considerably greater amount of time sitting on boats. That is why a lower top is usually the better choice, as it also provides superior shade and less wind resistance!

Here's a quick summary of bimini top mounting:

Mounting Point: Find your mounting point to determine the center of shade and the starting point to where the bimini will fall when collapsed.

Width: Use the mounting points to measure the distance between Starboard and Port, to find the width of your bimini frame.

Length: Use your best discretion to determine how long the bimini top should be to cover your boat on either side of the mounting points.

Height: Consider where your bimini will fall when collapsed, based on the height distance of the bimini frame from the mounting point. Also think about whether you really need standing room clearance. If not, a shorter bimini top will ensure more shade and less resistance.

Our Bimini Top Canvas Fabric with Unprecedented Performance

UV and Fade Resistant

Our boat biminis come with a 5-year warranty to protect against color fading! If for whatever reason, your boat bimini loses some of its beauty due to loss of color, we will replace it with a brand new top.

Mold and mildew resistant

Our canvas fabrics are highly mold and mildew resistant, especially when stored properly when not in use. In the unlikely event that mildew occurs just wash the canvas in a simple bleach solution.

Sun Protection

Our bimini tops are designed with a high level of UV resistance. While we recommend regularly applying sunscreen and limiting sunbathing hours, you will remain protected when under our bimini tops.

Breathable comfort

Unlike some marine fabrics that trap heat in, our bimini top fabric allows air to pass through. The breathable bimini top ensures that you’ll be able to feel some cool breeze, even on a hot day.