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About Us

BoatBiminiTop.com has years of experience in marine canvases because open top boats are so much better with a bimini top. Our boat biminis are made with good quality fabric that protects from the weather but what puts our biminis on a whole other level is their winning design! You’ve paid a lot for your boat, so you should have a bimini to match. We promise that you’ll have more fun on the water when you get shade, under our super stylish bimini top cover.

Our biminis can be bought at really good prices! We’re happy to keep our bottom line as low as possible because we love discovering our biminis out there. What’s amazing is that, anywhere we go in North America, we see our biminis on the water. We don’t have to look hard since ours really stand out!

No matter which of our locations you’re dealing with, whether US or Canada, it’s all about keeping you satisfied. We’ve got a ton of guarantees and a great return policy should anything unexpected occur to your bimini. Just remember that when you shop with us, people will watch as you sail away...